Guest using The Awesome Booth will experience uncontrollable burst of laughter. Everytime their picture is taken, they will smile, laugh, point, turn to see who’s looking, point again, smile, laugh, and repeat… over and over again! The Awesome Booth makes your guest laugh their a** off to the point of actually making adults, act like school children.


The pictures are sooooo AMAZING, your guest will want to share them and show them to the world! The Awesome Booth “Share App” allows you to instantly share your images straight from the photo booth to your cell phone in real time! Once you have it, social media sharing is the next step. Share on your Instagram, post to Facebook, Tweet it out!


You’ve hired The Awesome Booth, you’ve laughed you’re a** off, you've shared more pics with the world then Paris Hilton has shoes! The question now is “What to do with hundreds of really RAD photo booth pics from your event?!!” You Keep them… their yours to keep! And the possibilities of what you can do with them are endless!!! 

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Amazing Images!

Kelly Rolwand

I laughed soooo HARD, I nearly PEE’D MY PANTS!!!
— Kelly Rolwand

Mindy Weiss

It isn’t a party, unless The Awesome Booth IS THERE!!!
— Mindy Weiss

BIg Boi

...makes me look good, I LOVE THIS THING!
— Big Boi (Outkast)