Totally Rad Photo Boothing

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Book It

Photo Booth Rentals ONLY $295-$595!

All Rentals include: Pro Photo Booth Ninja Operator, Classic Experience, Stupid Props, Classic Black Backdrop, Custom Logo, Custom Overlay, Online Image Gallery, and HAPPY GUESTS!

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Prop It

Get Stupid with Stupid Props! Props are a great way to enable grown adults to act like young school girls! …and the more ridiculous it is, THE BETTER!! #monkey #jackass #cantcatchme #tomfoolery #mulletwig #grandmasstockings #stupidprops

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Drop It

BACKDROPTION: A good backdrop can make your photos look amazing… that’s why we include a Classic Black Backdrop with all our booth rentals! Do you have a specific theme for your wedding or special event? Why not create a custom designed backdrop to match your event?

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Experience It

Start with a Booth Rental: Still, Gif! Then Add an Experience: Anglyph (3D), Animated Backdrop, Black & White, Cellophane, CMYK | RGB, Color Strobe, Duotone, Green Screen, Kaleidoscope, Kardashian, Lighting Projector, Motion Graphic Projector, Pop Art… plus Data Capture & HD Slideshow!

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Share It

Choose how you want to Share - It wouldn’t be AWESOME, if it didn’t have multiply ways of sharing. So Share away… we offer MMS Texting, Sharing via Email or go old-school and get Unlimited Printing!

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Other Services Offered!


Professional DJ

Joshua Jones | Goodbeat Productions… Spinning all your favorites from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s Disco, 80’s Alternative & New Wave, 90’s Hip Hop & R&B, SF Style House Music, Hot Country, Pop Hits & Top 40! Inquire today for more info!